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SMSA Christmas Concert for NA-8 in Great Hall

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

On Thursday, December 15th at 6PM, SMSA will host their Annual Christmas concert. Noah's Ark through 8th grade students will be performing in the Great Hall for a night of music and fun! This will be a combined choral and band concert. Please see concert details below.


Camp Kerry and Noah’s Ark will close at 4 PM in order to prepare for the evening performances.

Band Students (4-8) must arrive by 5:00 PM and report to the Band


Choral Students must be dropped off by 5:30 PM and report to their


Aides will be at the drop-off door to accompany younger students to their



Children NA-3 wear their "Christmas best"

Students 4-8 wear Black pants/skirts with white tops with a "splash" of red or green

Guidelines concerning hem length, straps and shoes are as follows:

  • No high heels, flip flops, winter boots or sneakers.

  • Hem length must be two inches past fingertips and stockings, tights, or leggings should be worn underneath.

  • If a student is wearing leggings as their pants then they must wear a tunic length (mid thigh) top.

  • No spaghetti/tank top, or sleeveless tops or dresses without a cardigan over it.

Attendee Information:

Up to 2 family members per family may attend (not including children under 2). Tickets will be distributed in advance and collected at the door on the concert day.

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