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At SMSA, we believe that our school uniform creates  a sense of unity and spirit that represents our common goals, while allowing students to focus on their learning.

Our uniform should be worn with “Kerry Pride,” as it is a visual representation of SMSA to all who see it. 

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Uniforms at SMSA

Proudly display your
"Kerry Pride" with your SMSA school uniform! 

Here are some important items to note about uniforms at SMSA:


  • SMSA uses Flynn O'Hara as its official uniform company, and families can order their uniforms by visiting their online catalog below.

  • The SMSA School Store, which located in the Great Hall, carries gym clothing and novelty items such as fleece apparel, hats, caps, scarves, nylon and canvas bags, mugs, water bottles, pencils, and pens.

  • SMSA’s Kerry Closet, which can be found in the Enrollment Office, carries gently-used uniform items at discounted prices.

  • All SMSA team apparel is obtained through the Athletic Department.

SMSA School Store & Kerry's Closet

School Store Hours:

Fridays, 2:30-3PM or by Appointment.

Kerry Closet,  in the SMSA Enrollment Office, carries gently-used uniform items at discounted prices. 

Kerry Closet Hours:

By appointment. Request Appointment.

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