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Why a Uniform?

We believe that our school uniform: 

  • creates a sense of unity and spirit; 

  • allows students to focus on their learning;

  • saves our families money; and

  • links us proudly to the traditions of Catholic education.

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Uniforms at SMSA

Proudly display your
"Kerry Pride" with your SMSA school uniform! 

Here are some important items to note about uniforms at SMSA:

  • Flynn and O’Hara is our official uniform company and carries all of our uniform items. Ordering can be done online, by mail, or by phone. 

  • In Room 1001, you'll find:

    • the Kerry Closet, which offers gently used uniform items at discounted prices; and

    • the School Store, which carries new gym clothing and school spirit novelty items, such as fleece apparel, hats, caps, scarves, water bottles, pencils and pens.

  • SMSA team apparel is obtained through the Athletic Department.

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