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SeaPerch Teams Compete

SMSA sent several teams to the Regional Competitions of SeaPerch, an underwater robotics program this past Saturday at Union College. The SMSA teams, made up of students in grades 5-7, designed and built their own ROV's, or remote operated vehicles, over the past several months, testing them out at the Queensbury Hotel pool. (Many thanks to the Queensbury for their generosity!) Although the Kerries did not move on to the next level of the competition, they did learn a lot of lessons, not only in engineering, but also in sportsmanship, problem-solving, and plain ol' hard work. We couldn't be more proud, Kerries! Many thanks to parent Alex Henel who led the SeaPerch after-school extracurricular and to the other parent volunteers who donated their time and expertise. And, of course, many thanks to the fans who cheered the Kerries on!

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