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Interested in SMSA?

Take the First Step Today!

Whether you’ve already decided that you’d like to give your child the gift of an SMSA education or you’re just starting your decision-making, you’ll begin at the same place: letting us know that you're interested!   How?  It's as easy as clicking the "Request More Information" button below!  Once we receive your Request, we'll reach out to answer your questions, schedule a tour, and guide you through the application and enrollment process. 

For an overview of that process, which is the same for both Noah's Ark PreSchool and PreK and our K-8 program, please see the information below.


You're Three Steps Away from SMSA...


The first simple step toward applying for entrance to SMSA is to let us know you’re interested by submitting a Request for Information.  Once we receive your request, we’ll reach out to answer any questions you might have and, assuming you like what you hear -- and almost everyone does! -- we'll schedule a time for you to tour the school. This required visit provides you the best opportunity to see SMSA in action. There’s no investment or obligation on your part, other than perhaps an hour of your time.  In exchange for that hour, you’ll learn about the unique benefits of an SMSA education.  You can take the first step now by filling out our Request for Information or, if you'd prefer, by calling Beverly Kerpka, Director of Noah’s Ark PreSchool and PreK K (518) 792-3178, x. 1002 or Sally Behan, Dean of Admissions for K-8 at (518) 792-3178 x. 3308. We’re waiting to hear from you!




Once you've toured the school and you’ve decided that an SMSA education is a gift you’d like to give your child, it’s time to take the next step: creating and submitting an online application through our FACTS Student Information System.  On the short application, you’ll supply basic information about your family and your child, including any schooling he or she may have already completed.  Transcripts from any previous schools and a $125 nonrefundable application fee per student will need to be submitted at the time of application, as well. Then it’s our turn to get to work reviewing your application and ensuring we have all the information we need.  Once we do, your application is forwarded to our Principal, who will make the final determination on acceptance. 


Here’s where things get exciting: you’ve received your acceptance and now it’s time to enroll!  You’ll return to FACTS, where you’ll create a Family Portal account that will stay with you throughout your child’s time at SMSA.  In FACTS, you’ll fill out a few more necessary forms and, if interested, apply for financial aid.  Then, with the click of a button, you’ll start your child’s joyful journey through SMSA, where our team of compassionate, creative teachers will help him or her develop a powerful mind, prayerful heart, and helpful hands!


Get started on the journey today!

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