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PACE Hours Offered for Small Group Hosting at St. Mary's Parish

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

SMSA Parents and Guardians can earn PACE hours for hosting some of the small groups offered at St. Mary's Church. See groups and sign up below.

Groups Offered:

The Chosen

Interested? Download “The Chosen” app. These groups will watch and discuss Season 1. The format is the choice of the host. There are 8 episodes in the first season, so if group members watch the episodes independently, 8 meetings to discuss them will be needed. If you would like to watch them as a group, then have a deeper discussion the following week, then 16 weeks would be required.

Father Scott’s Weekly Discussion Guides

These will follow the weekly readings, and in terms of time, this is the most flexible format. The meeting schedule will be at the discretion of the host.

The Great Adventure Bible Timeline

This is a 24 week video driven study hosted by Jeff Cavins and it is what Fr. Mike Schmitz used to create his Bible in a Year podcast content. This will be more enjoyable for people who are visual learners instead of audio learners.

Walking With Purpose

Walking with Purpose reaches out to women who desire to grow in their faith using a Scripture-based program that is fresh, relevant. They begin with the basics, knowing that we can never master the core truths; there is always greater depth to explore. Most of the books in WWP are on a 22 week schedule in small groups.

Book/Bible Study of Your Choice

Feel free to choose your own book and/or bible study topic.

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