Twenty-first Century Learning

An array of computer equipment with wireless connectivity fills the SMSA building, opening worlds of information to our students. The technology lab — used regularly by all students, beginning with those in preschool — is outfitted with desktop computers and Smart Boards for interactive learning. The library’s media center is equipped with 25 new Chromebooks for research and class projects; more than 130 more Chromebooks are available to students throughout the school. Each classroom is outfitted with a projector and whiteboard, and SMSA faculty members are trained in incorporating technology into the curricula.

Collaboration across all grade levels exists to incorporate content area learning into technology projects.  Students develop proficiency with all Microsoft Office applications, Green Screen technology for movie making, and Photoshop for Windows.  Various digital cameras, video cameras and webcams are available for student use.

SMSA students become proficient in keyboarding and in many types of software, including Desktop Publishing programs and components of Microsoft Office.  Students are assessed on their mastery of computer operation, keyboarding, particular programs and Internet research techniques.