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Teacher and Former President of Corinth School Board Joins SMSA Middle School Faculty

We are pleased to welcome a new Middle School ELA and History teacher to SMSA for the Spring 2023 semester. Danielle Freebern has a Bachelor's Degree in History and is pursuing her Masters Degree in Education. Ms. Freebern has served on the Corinth School District School Board for the past ten years, including for one year as president, and has been teaching at Kipp Charter School in Albany.

Ms. Freebern will be teaching 6-8th grade History and 7th and 8th grade ELA beginning on Tuesday, January 3.

We wish our outgoing Middle School ELA and History teacher, Marie Williams, well on her career journey and congratulate her on the release of her new book, Loyalists in the Adirondacks - The Fight for Britain in the Revolutionary War.

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