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SeaPerch STEM Program Info and Sign Ups!

The SeaPerch is a program where students are provided a unique opportunity to design and build a remote operated underwater vehicle with the assistance of teachers and parents. They will also participate in a competition with other schools! This program will be assisted by SMSA parent and engineer at the Naval Nuclear Laboratory, Alex Henel:

More on the SeaPerch Program:

  • SeaPerch is an innovative underwater robotics program that equips students and teachers with the resources they need to build an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

  • Students build the ROV from a kit comprised of low-cost, easily accessible parts, following a curriculum that teaches basic engineering and science concepts with a marine engineering theme.

  • The SeaPerch program provides students with the opportunity to learn about robotics, engineering, science, and mathematics while building an underwater ROV as part of a science and engineering technology curriculum.

  • Throughout the project, students will learn engineering concepts, problem solving, teamwork, and technical applications. The culmination of this project will be a competition which will require SMSA students to pilot their ROV in an underwater course.

  • SeaPerch is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research and the Naval Nuclear Laboratory.

The Sequence of Events for the Program is as follows:

  • Looking to start in January and going six sessions (Fridays at 3PM, start date TBD)

  • Grades 5-8

  • 3 people to a team

  • First three sessions at SMSA, building the ROV

  • Last three sessions at Glens Falls YMCA testing (Possibly going back to SMSA for modifications)

  • Competition at Union College in early April

In order to gauge interest in participation, the signup will be open until Friday, November 4. This will likely start in January with a tentative day/time of Fridays from 3-4:30PM. The first three sessions would be held at SMSA and the final 3 would be held at the Glens Falls YMCA. In addition, it would be beneficial to have a few parents that may want to assist as well. If interested please use the sign up below:

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