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School "Dress Down" Days Announced

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Throughout the school-year, SMSA students are offered the opportunity to participate in "Dress Down Days". This is a school fundraising items managed by our 5th graders. If your child would like to dress down on these days, please bing in $2 per child.

The allocated "dress down days" are as follows (these are also included on our school calendar.

  • November/Thanksgiving: 11/22-Tuesday: Fall colors--brown, red, orange and yellow.

  • December/Christmas: 12/22-Thursday: Red and green.

  • January: 1/13-Friday: Sports Day or Winter Colors (white and blue).

  • February: 2/14-Tuesday: Valentine's Day (pink and red)

  • March: 3/15-Wednesday: St Patrick's Day (green)

  • April: 4/5- Wednesday: Easter colors (pastel colors--light pink, yellow, green blue)

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