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Counseling Services Now Offered at SMSA

We now have two different agencies on board to support SMSA students and families in on-site counseling services. The first one, Caleo, must be initiated by parental request. The second, Catapult, can be implemented upon teacher recommendation.Please contact our Main Office or each agency directly for more information.

We are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Caleo counseling in Hudson Falls to bring

counseling services to K-8 SMSA. Through this process, students with parent permission will be able to engage in counseling sessions on the premise! We warmly welcome Ms. Alyssa Fountaine, LMSW to SMSA.

Here is a little about the two services offered to student’s families:


Caleo is a referral program that offers on-site school satellite services, by contract and free of charge to the school districts, working with each student’s family insurance to cover the costs of the therapy and psychiatric sessions the child needs. A clinician present on the school campus can provide all of the therapy services their students need, as they would at the Caleo Main Site, which ultimately leads to better engagement with the student without the worries of transportation to appointments and potentially missing more schooling hours.

They can also provide referrals to Caleo’s Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners for psychiatric evaluation and medication management, if necessary. Clinicians additionally work collaboratively with each student’s team within the schools and with the student’s family to ensure a holistic approach to the student’s care.

In addition, agency trainers are available to educate and train school staff and students on a host of

material, including mental health topics, suicide safety, and vicarious trauma offered on an as-needed


If your child is in need of mental health services, please contact Caleo for intake at 518-747-8243. At that time please inform them that you would like your child to be seen onsite at SMSA. They will complete the

intake by phone with the child’s guardian to initiate the therapy process. Appointments will be held during

the school day on premise.

Ms. Fountaine will be at SMSA on Thursdays located in room 2005. As her caseload grows, more time

may be added.

Find more info on Caleo in the pdf below:

School Counseling At St. Mary's-St. Alphonsus School (Teacher Handout)[14]
Download PDF • 88KB


The Diocese of Albany also is onboard with assisting and providing counseling support for SMSA students. This is a teacher-based referral system in which parents will be contacted if services are requested.

The Catapult Counselor

  1. Works with teachers: To help them understand student behaviors and find more effective ways of handling problem behaviors.

  2. Works with students: To help them to understand themselves and others, build positive self-esteem, improve social skills and, by taking responsibility for their behavior in school, find alternate, more effective ways of behaving and dealing with problems.

These services can be provided individually, in small groups, or in the larger classroom setting.

To help new students to adjust successfully to their new school.

Works with parents: To help them understand how to help their children, and to recommend outside resources if necessary.


The Catapult Counselor

  • Gathers all available academic information on the child from school records and teacher interview, then attempts to determine the source of problem. The Catapult counselor can work with the student on motivation issues, organizational skills and study skills.

  • Meets with the classroom teacher and parents, and together they plan the most effective way to help the student be more successful. Older students are included as a part of this team.


The Catapult Counselor can work with an entire classroom on common development issues including:

  • • Study Skills

  • • Organizational Skills

  • • Listening Skills

  • • Friendship Skills

  • • Conflict Resolution

  • • Decision-Making

  • • Transition to Junior High/Middle School/High School

  • • Other topics as needed

Please see the letter from the Diocese of Albany below for more information.

Diocese of Albany-Catapult Learning Parent Letter[98]
Download PDF • 64KB

Please note: All counseling or guidance services that include direct contact with students require parental consent.

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