Happy Sailing at Noah's Ark

We believe children are never too young to learn. In our Noah’s Ark preschool/day care Program, children ages three to five engage in hands-on activities designed to stimulate their imaginations, ignite their curiosity, and prepare them for Kindergarten. Whether they’re studying the countries of the world, visiting the Ridge St. firehouse, or investigating earthworms up close, Noah’s Ark students experience the excitement of learning about themselves and the wider world, all while enjoying the warmth and safety of our ‘home away from home’ atmosphere.

Our loving and experienced teachers provide a healthy mixture of structured and unstructured, theme-based activities for both large and small groups. These activities encourage the students to develop strong cognitive, motor, language, and social skills in addition to helping them grow emotionally and spiritually. 

Students are introduced to Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts and Religion with a variety of age-appropriate lessons, crafts, and activities. Weekly classroom themes also provide inspiration for fiction and nonfiction reading.

The children of Noah’s Ark also benefit from the many facilities and programs that St. Mary’s – St. Alphonsus Regional Catholic School has to offer.  They enjoy regularly-scheduled classes in music and library, navigate computers in the technology lab, exercise in the gymnasium, and are introduced to Spanish and French by our fifth-grade Language Ambassadors. 

Noah’s Ark is open five days a week from 7 am to 5:30 pm; families may choose to have their children attend for as few as two days a week or as many as five.  The program is geared towards families desiring a full day of preschool for their children; families desiring a half-day program are encouraged to look into our preK program. Both Noah’s Ark and PreK offer students a warm, nurturing atmosphere and a joyful introduction to schooling.

Many parents struggle to determine at what point their child is ready for school. If you’d like help in making that determination, our early education teachers are here to help. Our team of experienced teachers would be happy to meet with you and your child to talk about his or her readiness and help you pick which program would best meet his or her academic, social, and emotional needs.