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Grades 6 - 8


Middle School

Middle School at SMSA is all about emphasizing

consistency and continuity, while engaging and supporting your student. 

In other local schools, middle school students transition to an entirely new environment, with a new facility and unknown faculty, staff and administration.  Middle School students at SMSA have the benefit of continuing their educational experience with people who know and care about them.


The Middle School Program at SMSA is departmentalized, meaning your child will change classes throughout the day as he or she migrates from one content area to the next. This model allows students in these grades to grow in leadership roles, and provides educational value by promoting patience, tolerance, and acceptance of others.

Athletics & Clubs

Each day after school, the hallways of SMSA are filled with the chatter of children heading off to one of many available in-school and after-school activities.


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