A Foundation for Life

Elementary Students 

Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

A large part of their day is spent with their individual teachers in a structured environment that is conducive to learning. Our intimate class sizes make it possible to offer a customizable learning experience in a safe, secure family atmosphere.

Our structured educational courses offered by a variety of professional educators include:

  • Art with Studio Pottery
  • Music - Chorus, Orchestra and Band (Grade & Age Dependent) 
  • Theater Arts
  • Technology - Computer and STREAM Learning & Problem Solving
  • Physical Education
  • Research and Library Reading Studies
  • Foreign Language
  • Public Speaking & Debate
  • Cultural and Religious Studies
  • Geography and Global Studies 

Dynamic and dedicated, our elementary teachers present information in creative and stimulating ways as they help children grow in knowledge and critical-thinking skills. Students thrive on opportunities to engage in lessons, whether creating their own headdresses for the Thanksgiving breakfast, dressing up as their favorite figures from history, building models of small cities, or designing board games about their favorite sea creatures.

An active field trip schedule, we strive to inject real word learning opportunities to:

  • Museums
  • Farms
  • Government and Cultural Attractions in the North Country and the Capital District
  • Crandall Public Library
  • World Awareness Children’s Museum
  • The Hyde Collection Art Museum
  • Chapman Historical Museum

St. Mary's - St. Alphonsus Regional Catholic School is the only school

whose students enjoy an easy walk to all of these local attractions.