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Elementary K - 5


Mrs. Tyler  •  Class Notes
Mrs. Arcuri  •  Class Notes

1st Grade

Mrs. Bolduc  •  Class Notes
Ms. Celeste  •  Class Notes

2nd Grade
Ms. Casola  •  Class Notes

3rd Grade

Mrs. Harris  •  Class Notes

4th Grade

Ms. Carbone  •  Class Notes

5th Grade

Ms. Pruess  •  Class Notes

Middle School 6 - 8

English & 8th Grade Homeroom

Ms. Marshall  •  Class Notes


Mrs. Powell  •  Class Notes


Mr. Flint  •  Class Notes

Social Studies, Religion, & 6th Grade Homeroom

Mrs. Hunt  •  Class Notes

Foreign Languages (K-8)

Ms. Ogden  •  Class Notes

Director of Religious Education

Mrs. Gregorio  •  Class Notes

Special Teachers (all grades)

Art & 7th Grade Homeroom

Mrs. Clohessy  •  Class Notes


Mrs. Facklam  •  Class Notes

Library & Technology

Ms. Bello  •  Class Notes


Ms. Dove  •  Class Notes

Physical Education

Coach Barbieri  •  Class Notes

Religion (3 - 5)

Mrs. Smith  •  Class Notes


Mrs. McNamara  •  Class Notes