Our Professional Team

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Principal: Patricia Balmer

Principal’s Assistant: Bernadette Leone

Main Office Receptionist



Admissions Director: Mary Kay Ilowiecki

School Nurse: 

Accountant: Deana White

Development Director: John Gollhofer

Food Services Director: Lynn Humphrey

Cafeteria Assistant: Laurie Lockhart

Head Custodian: Dave Mattes

Custodial Team MembersJason Mottram, Amanda Mattes


Director: Beverly Kerpka


Jessica Trzaskos
     Aides: Marilyn LaBarge

Kathleen Fortier
     Aide: Linda McAllister

Rose Kobor
     Aide: Alex Campbell

Lesley May


Bonnie Smith

Part-time aides: Linda Anunziato

Elementary Teachers (grades K-5)

Kindergarten:   Kathy ArcuriShannon Tyler
     Aide:  Vicki Anderson

1st Grade: Lindsey Fredette

2nd Grade:  Anne Casola

      Aide: Elaine Stocker

3rd Grade:  Noreen Harris

4th Grade:  Marcella Carbone

5th Grade: Erin Pruess

Middle School Teachers (grades 6-8)

English & 8th Grade Homeroom: Megan Marshall

Math 6th-8th Grades and Algebra 1: Mara Powell

Science 6th-8th Grades (Living Environment) & 7th Grade Homeroom: Matt Flint

Social Studies, Religion, & 6th Grade Homeroom: Meg Hunt

World Languages (K-8): Lauren Ogden

Director of Religious Education: Mary Gregorio

Specials Teachers (all grades)

Studio Art: Peggy Clohessy

Instrumental Band and Piano (Junior and Senior): Marianne Facklam

S.T.R.E.A.M: Michele Mergen

Library: Mary Kay Ilowiecki

Music and Theater Performance:  Erin Dove

Physical Education: John Barbieri

Religion (Grades 3-5): Marianne Smith

World Languages: Lauren Ogden