An Exceptional Education

SMSA offers an exceptional pre-school through eighth-grade Catholic education to students from across the Glens Falls region. A team of superb teachers – certified, experienced, and enthusiastic – excels in creating an atmosphere in which learning is joyful, each child is cherished, faith is celebrated and accomplishment expected.

With a curriculum that exceeds New York State requirements and National Catholic Educational Association guidelines, SMSA offers an academic experience second to none in the area.  And our commonsense approach to standardized testing gives teachers the data they need without placing undo stress on students.

In a happy, disciplined atmosphere, SMSA students grow strong not only in the basics of math, science, social studies and English, but also in religion, art, music, athletics, foreign language and technology.  Equipped with a solid foundation and strong study skills, many go on to graduate at the top of their classes at local public and Catholic high schools.

Goals and schedules vary from one grade to the next, but several things remain consistent throughout an SMSA education: the individual attention necessary to help each child grow at his or her own pace; recognition of, and respect for, each child’s particular skills, gifts and needs; and the desire to instill a thirst for knowledge and a love for God and neighbor.